EU Elections – 10 action points


Download the 10 Action Points here

The European Network on Religion & Belief is a Europe-wide network of religious and non-religious organisations committed to action for equality and mutual understanding and against discrimination, hate crime and prejudice.

We ask all MEPs to support our 10 action points for the new European Parliament:

EU Strategy on Religion and Belief

Develop a strategy and funding to support equality on grounds of religion and belief equivalent to the other five strands of equalities on race, gender, disability, age and sexual orientation.

EU Guidelines on Freedom of Religion and Belief

Ensure coherence between EU external affairs policy as expressed in the 2013 Guidelines, and internal policy as it affects member states.

Support a European Parliamentary Working Group on Freedom of Religion and Belief which covers the EU as well as the rest of the world.

Comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Legislation

Support the rapid adoption of the Draft Directive on Equal Treatment to include discrimination on grounds of religion/belief, disability, age and sexual orientation.

Improve Implementation of EU Equalities Policies on Religion and Belief

Funding for a European network on equalities and non-discrimination on grounds of religion and belief, and for civil society awareness raising and campaigning actions.

Improve EU consultation with, and participation of, religion/belief minorities

Some minorities are among Europe’s most excluded citizens, and require active outreach and specific action to hear their voices, promote their interests and involve their communities.

In Civil Society

Develop a Europe-wide programme against violence and hate speech/crime

Proactive measures and campaigns are needed to combat increasing violence, hate speech and bullying on grounds of religion, belief or non-belief.

Combat Inequalities in Health, Education and Social Provision

Mobilise EU and member state action to make available these basic human rights – which have been in some cases denied or reduced for certain communities.

Equal Access to Justice for All

Promote Civil Society initiatives to ensure that all communities are aware of their EU Fundamental Rights and have access to advocacy and redress in case of discrimination.

Promote European Unity in Diversity through Dialogue and Common Action

Actively take up the challenge in President Barroso’s April 2013 speech by promoting inter-convictional (religious and non-religious) dialogue and action for Europe’s long-term benefit.