Feminism or Fascism? The crisis of masculinity & democracy – online event on Thursday 7th July 2022 – 19.00 – 20.30 CET (18.00 BST)

Amazing event coming in July! ENORB is thrilled to announce that it is hosting a conversation for reflection and connection as part of its programme of interfaith dialogue and topical conversations.

The aim of this session is to analyse the inter-related crises of masculinity and democracy in Europe and discuss the thinking of leading feminist writers and their perspectives on how we all respond.

Are we faced with the prospect of Feminism or Fascism? Are the foundations of democracy imperilled? What does masculinity in crisis mean? What should a ‘good feminism’ viewpoint consider? What is understood in the term ‘White Feminism’? What role does intersectionality play? What role can faith and civil society organisations?

And much more besides…. come and be part of the reflections and conversation!

We will discuss these many questions with the help of leading feminist authors: Rafia Zakaria, Nina Power, and Laurie Penny all of whom have recently published important and vibrant books on these key issues. Moreover, ENORB Board Member Nyanchama – decolonisation and anti-racism expert – will take part on the conversation.

The conversation will be hosted by Director Mark Ereira-Guyer; and facilitated by Communications, Research & Equalities Intern Martina Molinari and Rebecca Pauley from Civil Society Consulting CIC.

This online Together for Reflection & Connection session is part of a programme of interfaith dialogue events being planned by ENORB in partnership with many others, including United Religions Initiative Europe, European Network Against Racism and Civil Society Consulting CIC. Register HERE