Initially,  Mark will be working to strengthen ENORB”s strategic development on a part-time basis.

Mark has long experience of human rights, social justice and refugee issues. Mark is currently Founder Director of a UK-based community interest company called Civil Society Consulting CIC which supports the development of civil society and faith-based organisations; during the pandemic Mark has led a team focused on supporting and strengthening faith-based civil society organisations enabling them to continue to provide their services to people in socially challenged ethnically diverse communities. He has delivered this programme of individualised support – ‘Steps to Recovery’ – to over 127 organisations, and worked closely with many UK faith networks and organisations, such as Strengthening Faith Institutions, Ostro Fayre Share Foundation and Faiths Forum London.

Over four decades, Mark has developed an advanced knowledge of fundraising, evaluation, community engagement and review – completing complex and strategic assignments for a wide variety of community, faith and social enterprise organisations and public bodies. You can contact him: 00447913 818838


PART-TIME Office Manager

Teg has over twenty years’ working and volunteering experiences in the non-profit sector. In addition to her work experience, she is pursuing a professional doctorate in business administration. In 2017, Teg graduated with a Master in Social Sciences in Non-profit Management from the University of Hong Kong and also acquired a postgraduate degree in Strategic Management and Leadership from the UK.

Teg joins the ENORB team as an independent part-time Office Manager where she will support and provide core office management responsibilities. She can be contacted at


Full-Time policy and advocacy assistant Intern

Sarra is the policy and advocacy assistant intern of ENORB. She is a former student at Maastricht University from where she holds a BA in Arts and Culture. Areas of interest cover political advocacy and the nexus between discourse, policy and security. She collaborated with various local magazines, non-profit and anti-discrimination bodies throughout her academic career.

At ENORB, Sarra is in charge of monitoring the Get the Trolls Out! project and assists ENORB’s Director in her daily work – research, writing, advocacy, communication and planning. Sarra is based at our head office in Brussels and is contactable at