1 March – Book Club with Rami, Bassam & ‘Apeirogon’ author Colum McCann

FODIP, ENORB & Civil Society Book Club: Conversation with Bassam Aramin, Rami Elhanan & author Colum McCann of award-winning ‘Apeirogon’

Our bookclub is a warm and welcoming get-together, an opportunity to share ideas and connect with other people. We welcome anyone interested in the book up for discussion, but particularly those who work in the not-for-profit sector and faith based civil society organisations across Europe (and further afield!).

On Tuesday 1st March 19.00 CET (18.00 GMT), we’re delighted to be welcoming Bassam Aramin, a Palestinian and Rami Elhana, an Israeli; two men with much in common, sadly losing their daughters in the conflict. They will be sharing their story along with Irish author Colum McCann who told the story of their friendship and loss through his award-winning novel, Apeirogon.

Participation in this online event is via a donation (however small!) – with the funds raised then supporting Rami and Bassam’s interfaith work with their Abir Smadar Foundation.

This book club is delivered in partnership with Forum for Discussion of Israel and Palestine (FODIP) and the European Network on Religion & Belief (ENORB). FODIP is a well-established registered charity in the UK, facilitating positive dialogue with and between Muslims, Christians and Jews on the issue of Palestine and Israel. They promote cooperation through dialogue and the opportunity to listen and share different narratives and perspectives.

The Director of the European Network on Religion & Belief, Mark Ereira-Guyer and FODIP’s co-ordinator, Sadia Akram will lead the conversation and facilitate an open Q&A session at this special event.