We support maintenance & development

ENORB supports the maintenance and development of similar action-oriented networks in member-states – based on the shared European values which bind diverse groups and communities together in a strong and sustainable Europe, such as: social cohesion and inclusion, freedom of belief and assembly, respect for the rule of law, democracy, human rights, and equal treatment for all.

A Europe free from discrimination where we all take responsibility together to value the diversity of religions, beliefs and convictions.

We combat discrimination & prejudice

A European Network to combat discrimination and prejudice, to promote mutual understanding and common action, which:

Draws on the common heritage and the modern diversity of Europe’s historical faiths: Christian – Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant – and Jewish and Muslim;


Draws equally on the long European traditions of free thinking, secular humanism and non-religious social action;


Affirms Europe’s modern diversity: Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh and other religions from across the world;



Defines common ground and promote collaboration between secular institutions and religious and non-religious organisations.