An exploratory group of religious, belief and interconvictional organisations has been meeting regularly in Brussels since January 2011.

ENORB has agreed a strategic plan which is refreshed each year.  Download the current strategic plan here.

Seven international seminars have taken place (see reports here) and ENORB has been registered under Belgian law.

Applications for membership are welcome.  Membership of the General Assembly costs €50 per year.  Receiving updates by email is free.  To be considered for membership or to add your name to the email list for updates, please email ENORB.

Yolande Iliano (Religions for Peace – Europe and ENORB Executive Member) and Augustine Booth-Clibborn (Inter Faith Network for the UK).

Founding work programme

  1. Identifying existing activities and supporting actions in this field (eg mechanisms to monitor equalities/discrimination – working with ENAR and others; exchanges of experience between organisations across Europe; information on Inter-Faith/Belief activities – in collaboration with SERIC and others);
  2. Planning Inaugural Conference of interested organisations (this took place in 2012).
  3. Initial Mapping Exercise of organisations in this field at European and local levels.
  4. Follow-up to Launch Conference at European (this took place in 2012) and member-state levels.
  5. Setting up membership structure, legal framework (completed in 2012) and initial activities for the Network
  6. Initial Conceptual Mapping Exercise (contested terms eg laicite, secularism, faith, belief) – see papers here.
  7. Exploring with other organisations with related aims, the potential and value of a ‘Policy Group’ to examine the impact of EU policies on faith/belief groups in member states, and make contributions on relevant European policy issues