Types of membership

Full Membership

Any organisation working in a European country in the field of religion or belief, equality/human rights or anti-discrimination can become a full member of ENORB, provided that they accept the aims and articles of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, and share the mission and vision of ENORB. Simply ask for your registration form. Email: enorb@enorb.eu

Associate Membership

Offered to all who register at ENORB events or participate in ENORB activities, free of charge. It offers access to regular information on ENORB events, newsletters etc, but not to all the benefits of full membership.

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Why becoming a member?


Members can influence EU policy, practice, and decision-making on equality, anti-discrimination and freedom of religion and belief.


increased impact at local and European levels, on major institutions, government and on religion/belief authorities.

Seminars and Events

which address key current topics, and enable exchange of experience and information with other networks and organisations across Europe, including the possibility to collaborate in EU-wide projects.

European projects

ENORB’s funded projects offer opportunities to participate in major Europe-wide action and campaigning. They cover major topics of interest, such as religion, belief and laicite; religion and LGBT rights, women’s rights etc.

Access to Funding for Local Events

some of our funded projects include small grants to member organisations to organise events or seminars on issues which are important at European or national levels.

Support to Campaigning

ENORB offers support from officers to local campaigns on issues of freedom, minority rights, discrimination etc.

Free Access

to European events and activities organised by ENORB and some partners.


Fees are 50€ per year

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