Reports of ENORB’s seminars are available to download:

  1. Inaugural seminar on Security in Europe, which took place at the European Parliament and the Centre Espaces, Brussels, on May 29-30, 2012.
  2. Second seminar on European Economic Recovery: Perspectives on Wellbeing and Growth, which took place at Centre Espaces, Brussels, on November 13 – 14, 2012.
  3. Third seminar Fair Treatment for All, at the European Parliament and Centre Espaces, Brussels, on March 19-20, 2013.
  4. Paper given by Vidhya Ramalingam, June 2014, on the implications of the EU election results.
  5. ENORB’s seventh seminar was on the topic of Manifesting Religion or Belief and held in Brussels on 17th November 2015.


The first joint seminar between ENORB and ILGA-Europe produced a paper: Exploring Freedoms Together: the interface between sexual orientation, gender identity & expression and religion & belief.  Read the paper here.

Religion, belief and secular society – three papers written by members of ENORB:

  1. Vers un <NOUS> Inclusif et citoyen: les musulmans et la laïcité par Karim Chemlal (Fr)
  2. Secular Society par Georges Lienard (Fr)
  3. Secular Society by Georges Lienard (Eng)
  4. Secular Society by Alan Murray (Eng)


ENORB’s legal status in Belgium is documented below:

  1. EUROPEAN NETWORK ON RELIGION AND BELIEF, Association sans but lucratif
  2. ACTE CONSTITUTIF de l’association sans but lucratif « European Network for Religion and Belief »


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