What is the project?

This project aims to combat discrimination and intolerance based on religious grounds in Europe. Led by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) with the support of 5 partners spread throughout Europe, the campaign will harness the power of social media to disseminate innovative media outputs and generate dialogue in order to deliver a powerful counter-narrative against diverse forms of hate speech, including antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Christian sentiment, and associated attempts to turn public opinion against migrants and asylum-seekers.

The Get The Trolls Out! monitoring team has been tracking mainstream, online and social media coverage of religion in six European countries since 2015. ENORB is in charge of monitoring Belgium French-speaking media since 2019. Our main role is to support the advocacy work on discrimination on the ground of religion and belief and report religious hatred and anti-religion elements by monitoring Belgium French-speaking media outlets and Social Media such as: Twitter and Facebook under the Get the Trolls out project.

The results have thrown light on how, deliberately or innocently, the media has covered the topic of religion either inadequately or in a discriminatory manner.

You can see more of this project on the Get the Trolls out! webpage.

With the collaboration of the Media Diversity Institute, ENORB has produced a report tackling the representation of religious minorities in media which is also available in French.

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