ENORB is attracting a wide membership across Europe.  The annual contribution is €50 and applications are welcome.  The exploratory group is listed on the About Us page and we have started to add members’ details below.  Individuals are also welcome to join ENORB and contribute to our events.


AFAN’s Charitable Objects are: “To encourage dialogue and mutual understanding between people of different faiths and beliefs for the public benefit through educational, social and cultural activities”. AFAN is a programme which seeks to empower and engage learners to explore their own values and beliefs and those of others without prejudice or presuppositions. It acknowledges the diversity of faiths and beliefs, but focuses especially on the common themes which underpin a just and cohesive society. www.afan.uk.net


Brahma Kumaris International is an international non–governmental organisation which undertakes consultation and representation with UN and European institutions. It has a wide range of programmes promoting education; gender equality and empowerment of women; mental, physical, and spiritual health and well-being; and environmental sustainability. Its special competence in the area of human and social values allows them to bring a particularly ethical and spiritual approach to world concerns.  www.brahmakumaris.org

CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe

CEJI is a Brussels-based organisation which stands with people of all backgrounds to promote a Europe of diversity and respect. A Jewish voice at European level, our activities include delivering diversity education, enhancing interfaith and intercultural dialogue, while advocating in the EU against antisemitism and discrimination of all kinds. www.ceji.org


Centre Espace is based at the Dominican Community in Brussels and has hosted several ENORB events. It has a special interest in the European Union and its institutions, and in seeking to serve the different nationalities working in the ‘European capital’. It also organises the Forum Renaissance, a centre for reflection, study and spirituality in this international context.


CSW is a Christian organisation working for religious freedom through advocacy and human rights, in the pursuit of justice, based in Denmark. Our primary work is advocacy, which we use to influence the legislation, policies, attitudes and behaviours which reinforce religious discrimination and persecution. Through this, we aim to bring about lasting cultural, social and political change.  www.cswusa.org


COREIS has a its major focus on in-depth inter-religious dialogue, especially with the Catholic Church, the Jewish community, the Orthodox Church, and the Protestant Churches, prioritising dialogue at the spiritual level, but also tackling social and political issues, and seeking unity within diversity. www.coreis.it


EGALE (Egalite, Laicite, Europe) is based in Paris, and aims to be a platform for reflection, coordination and action, resolutely open and independent of any political party. Its objective is to share the values that form the basis of the republican pact:”Liberty – Equality – Fraternity” especially secularism, but with respect for religious beliefs and philosophical choices. It works in the national dimension, and at the same in a resolutely European context.  www.egale.eu


The EBU is a network of Buddhist organizations and National Buddhist Unions in Europe. We are open to all schools and traditions of Buddhism in Europe wishing to unite on the basis of Buddhist teachings and work together in spiritual friendship and respect for diversity. Our mission is to facilitate international exchange and promote spiritual friendship amongst European Buddhists, to support social action and ideas motivated by Buddhist-inspired values, and to amplify the voice of Buddhism in Europe and worldwide.   www.e-b-u.org


The EMF is a think tank which gathers Muslim thinkers and activists throughout Europe, aiming to foster communication, views and expert analysis on the key issues relating to Muslim presence in Europe. It is a space for encounter between Muslim, non-Muslim organisations, stakeholders and policy makers to produce practical recommendations for action on key issues for Muslims in Europe.   www.euro-muslims.eu


ECPI is a Romanian-based NGO that offers support and expertise for public initiatives in the area of promoting human rights and non-discrimination, working also at the European level, especially in South-East Europe. ECPI focuses on improving access to justice in the area of human rights, including LGBT rights, and religion and belief.   www.saccsiv.wordpress.com


FIOE is a cultural organization, with hundreds of member organizations spread across 28 European States, all subscribing to a common belief in a methodology based on moderation and balance, which represents the tolerance of Islam. The Federation was founded in 1989 as a natural outcome of the development of Islamic work in Europe, to organize efforts, and prevent fragmentation. In a short time, it was able to secure many achievements, to mention a few; unifying the political discourse, and embracing the idea of establishing Islam as an intrinsic and positive element in European life. These Federation efforts were crowned with the announcement of the European Muslim Charter on the 10th of January 2008 in the capital of the European Union – Brussels, which reassured Europeans and emphasized that the Islamic presence represents exemplary added value, and cultural wealth to the advantage of Europe. www.fioe.org


HFE was founded in 2006, as a resource for Hindu communities across Europe. It has an office in Brussels, and organises an Annual Conference and occasional meetings and seminars on issues relevant to the Hindu community and other religious groups. HFE also acts as an advocate for the Hindu communities to the European Parliament and commission, and is particularly active in interfaith work.  www.hinduforum.eu


IARF works for freedom of religion & belief at a global level. The world’s oldest global inter-religious organization, it has a century-plus history of encouraging interfaith dialogue & tolerance, with member groups in 25 countries, from faith traditions including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Shinto & Zoroastrianism.   www.iarf.net


IFE, with origins in the 1970s, brings together Muslims of all backgrounds who have made Europe their home. As a collective, IFE facilitates an enlightened appreciation of Islam that is relevant to the context and realities of our time. We undertake social activities — from schools and youth clubs to community engagement and women’s empowerment projects, spiritual development — from prayer to retreats, – and also education and training; culture, outreach and media; charity and welfare; and campaigns for just causes.  www.islamicforumeurope.com


Since 2003, LBFN has brought together local religious, multifaith & intercultural organisations and practitioners across London.  Members work together across religion and belief boundaries for the benefit of their neighbourhoods.  Working closely with government agencies, they involve local communities in the design and delivery of public services – policing & safety, health & wellbeing, peaceful & equitable communities, intersectionality.  LBFN supported the UK government during the Olympic Truce, working on international projects which linked local communities in London with those overseas.  This led to the development of the London Peace Network, which marks the UN International Day of Peace each year.   www.lbfn.org   www.londonpeacenetwork.org


The Pagan Federation has been in continuous existence since 1971 and was set up originally as primarily a campaigning organisation to fight the ignorance and negative attitudes towards Paganism which still exist in various forms today. The second major focus was to put Pagans from all strands in touch with each other, to share views, meet and talk, across local and national boundaries, eg at the European PF Conferences.  www.paganfed.org


Pax Christi International is a non-profit, non-governmental Catholic peace movement working on a global scale on a wide variety of issues in the fields of human rights, human security, disarmament, de-militarisation, just world order, religion and violent conflict.   www.paxchristi.net


Religions for Peace – Europe (RfP-Europe) is an inter-faith organisation formed by lay people and religious leaders, including 20 national bodies, a European Women of Faith Network and an Interfaith Youth Network. It organises inter-faith meetings and seminars, initiatives for peace and reconciliation at European and member state level, and brings national organisation to support educational and social projects in and beyond Europe.  www.rfp-europe.eu


SERIC  is an organisation active in 9 European countries, initially based in Paris, and now in Bergen in the Netherlands. We organise local meetings between Muslims and Christians in different locations in each member country especially in the same week of November (Interfaith week in some countries) each year. www.semaineseric.eu


Soteria International is a Danish NGO with bases in nine European countries, founded in July 2007 as a reaction to the growing governmental and institutional intolerance towards spiritual organisations and spiritual practice the last decades. It takes an active part in civil society at political and social level to promote human rights, and the integration of spiritual principles in political decisions. It organises conferences and international forums.  www.soteriainternational.org


The Cordoba Foundation was founded in 2005 and is an independent Public Relations, Research and Training unit, which promotes dialogue and the culture of peaceful and positive coexistence among religions, civilisations, ideas and people. We do this by working with decision-making circles, researchers, religious leaders, the media, and a host of other stakeholders of society for better understanding and clearer comprehension of inter-communal and inter-religious issues in Britain and beyond. www.thecordobafoundation.com


United Sikhs is a UN-affiliated, international non-profit, non-governmental, humanitarian relief, human development and advocacy organization, aimed at empowering those in need, especially disadvantaged and minority communities across the world. United Sikhs is a grass-roots organisation, with chapters in America, Asia and Europe, that pursue projects for the spiritual, social and economic empowerment of underprivileged and minority communities.  www.unitedsikhs.org


WIN is an organisation composed of different women’s groups from diverse religions who have come together to engage in meaningful dialogue with other women from all faith communities and are committed to building a more tolerant and inclusive society.  www.wominet.org.uk


ZAVOD KROG is an international non-governmental non-profit organization, based in Lubljana, Slovenia that operates in the field of human rights, humanitarian work, development cooperation, social action, intercultural and interfaith dialogue, volunteering, education and culture. It champions the idea of an open society, with tolerance and respect for diversity in Slovenia and abroad. It works to improve people’s living conditions and contribute to better integration in society and reduce discrimination.   www.facebook.com/ZavodKrog