Get The Trolls Out project updates from ENORB – June 2022

During the month of June 2022 the following articles:

1) Le vivre-ensemble à Molenbeek: “J’entends, plus qu’avant, que le Coran doit décider de ce que l’on peut faire ” (Living together in Molenbeek: “I hear, more than before, that the Koran must decide what we can do”)

2) Une demande d’école islamique divise la majorité flamande (A request for an Islamic school divides the Flemish majority)

3) L’État, l’islamisme et la nation (The State, Islamism and the Nation)

were the 3 main incidents which European Network on Religion and Belief reported in the framework of Get The Trolls Out! project and also filled complaints through emails and phone calls as we stand against Hate Speech and we stand against discrimination. We promoted our activities in the framework of Get The Trolls Out project while attending events held by different Organizations including European Parliament. If you are interested in knowing more about Get The Trolls Out! project please click HERE