Get The Trolls Out! project updates from ENORB – July 2022

During the month of July 2022 the following articles:

1) Des nouvelles de Djemila (News from Djemila)

2) Enquête sur la persécution des chrétiens convertis de l’islam en Europe (Survey about the persecution of Christian converts from Islam in Europe)

3) Abattage sans étourdissement: Hugo Clément menacé de mort après avoir pris position (Slaughter without stunning: Hugo Clément threatened with death after taking a stand)

were the 3 main incidents which European Network on Religion and Belief reported in the framework of Get The Trolls Out! project and also filled complaints through emails and phone calls as we stand against Hate Speech and we stand against discrimination. As in the past months, the main visible religious related hatred problems in Belgium French-speaking media outlets continue to be anti-Muslim incidents, in particular Islamophobia. We promoted our activities in the framework of Get The Trolls Out project while attending events held by different Organizations including European Parliament as in June. On July 12, 2022 our Policy and Advocacy Assistant attended the event “Article 17 Dialogue with churches, religious associations or communities, philosophical and nonconfessional organisations on the humanitarian response to the war in Ukraine” where he talked about the importance of helping and treating refugees coming from Ukraine in the same way as they are all feeing war raged by the Russian Government and he also talked about Get The Trolls Out! project and its importance on reporting anti-religious hate speech which has been increasing since the war in Ukraine escalated as some people faced discrimination on the basis of their skin colour and religion so we need to stand against it.
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