2016 Annual General Meeting & Seminar on Education

Please find details of our upcoming annual meeting and seminar in Brussels on 30 May and 31 May on the home page of this website.

Open Society Foundation

ENORB has been awarded a small grant by OSF for two priority policy areas:

1. The joint programme with ILGA-Europe on the interface between religion and belief and LGBT rights; a joint ENORB/ILGA task force is preparing an action programme
2. The development of a policy on freedom to manifest religion and belief in the form of wearing religious symbols or clothing, in the broader context of human rights and religious freedom.

The European seminars will be held during 2014-15 – one on each priority topic – and a series of at least five meetings or seminars will be held in member states, also focusing on the topics, or on a local priority issue.

Download details of the grant here.

Annual Meeting 2014

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Over 50 members and friends of ENORB attended the second annual meeting in Brussels on 17-18 JuneDownload the programme here.   The keynote speaker was Dr Vidhya Ramalingam, Institute of Strategic Dialogue, London (Research and Policy Manager, Far-Right Extremism and Intolerance).

It was also a social event and a chance to catch up with activities from groups across Europe.



We ask all MEPs to support our 10 action points for the new European Parliament.

Find the 10 Action Points here or download them to use in your networks and organisations in the run up to the elections in May 2014.


SEMINAR  3 – 4 December 2013 at the European Parliament & Centre Espaces, Brussels

Is wearing articles of faith a threat to European democracies?

  • Religious Symbols, clothing and headwear: employers and reasonable accommodation
  • Religious Symbols, clothing and headwear: in the public space
  • Neutrality of the state in education and health: a right irrespective of religious or non-religious affiliation
  • Secular Society and freedom to manifest religion and belief

Speakers: from the European Parliament Freedom of Religion & Belief Group, Key Religious, Minority & Humanist Networks, European Network Against Racism.

Audience: MEPs, EU Officials, European and Member State, Religious and Convictional NGOs, Human Rights NGOs, National Government Representatives.

Full details will be available soon.  Download the invitation here and the draft programme here.

Please register for the seminar at www.enorb4.eventbrite.com to reserve your place.


ENORB Member-State introductory meetings

ENORB is supporting a number of introductory meetings or seminars in member-states, designed to bring together local ENORB member organisations, religious and atheist/humanist and other (eg Human Rights) networks to explore the interest and demand for inter-convictional dialogue on key topics. The focus can be on important issues at local and European levels. The aim of these seminars is not to create new organisations – in several countries they exist already – but to explore basic questions:

What topics should religion and belief organisations be discussing together?

How can religion and belief traditions work together to address key topics where there are differing views in a collaborative rather than confrontational way?

How best can member-state forums work with ENORB and EU institutions at European level?

Preliminary meetings have already been held in 3 member-states, and more are planned for 2014.

Contact enorb@enorb.eu if you are interested in holding such a seminar in your country, or if there are equality or discrimination issues on which you would like support from ENORB.

ENORB Seminar with the International Lesbian & Gay Association-Europe

JOINT SEMINAR September 19th 2013, Brussels

The Interface between Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression

and Religion and Belief

(NB This is a closed seminar for invited members of the two organizations only)

This is a collaborative seminar between two European Equalities and Anti-Discrimination Networks: ENORB focuses on equalities issues in relation to Religion and Belief, and ILGA-Europe on equalities for LGBTI people. It is a preparatory exercise for what we hope will be a larger seminar for a wider audience. Further information from enorb@enorb.eu.

The seminar aims at fostering mutual understanding and learning between the two networks and at exploring common grounds and concerns. It will also help identify practical ways by which we can together create inclusive spaces for all. The format will not be formal debate, but discussion, in the form of inter-active sessions, brainstorming and small group work.

Notes of the Annual General Meeting 2013

Please download here.

ENORB Annual Report 2011-2012

Please download the Annual Report here.

ENORB Assemblée Generale / Annual General Meeting

Come and contribute to shaping ENORB’s work for the coming year and beyond.  Join us for our AGM on

21st May 2013 12.00hrs (arrival and lunch) – 18.00hrs (dinner) at

Centre Espaces, 40, Avenue de la Renaissance, B-1000-Brussels.

FAIR TREATMENT FOR ALL: Religion and Belief, Law and Equalities in Europe

ENORB’s third conference will take place on March 19-20 2013 in Brussels at the European Parliament and at the Centre Espaces.  Register here to secure your place.  Half the places are reserved for practitioners and grassroots groups, half are reserved for academics.  Download the programme here.   For further details, please contact ENORB.


EUROPE’S ECONOMIC CRISIS: What Ways Forward? What Type of Growth?

ENORB’s second roundtable and networking event will take place on Tuesday 13th November 2pm – 9pm and on Wednesday 14th November 9:30am – 1pm at the Centre ‘Espaces’, Avenue de la Renaissance, 40, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium.

Speakers include:

Fr Ignace Berten – European Dominican Centre, Brussels

Mohammed Abdul Aziz – University of Cambridge, Woolf Institute, UK

Gerard Delfau – President, EGALE (Egalite, Laicite, Europe)

We will also be planning exchanges and visits across Europe between grassroots intercultural groups.

Please register online to reserve a place and download the invitation and programme.


Our inaugural European Round-Table was held successfully at the European Parliament on May 29th, on the topic of ‘European Security – the Contribution of Religion and Belief Traditions’, followed by a reception and meal at ‘Espaces’, and a follow-up Seminar on May 30th, looking at a range of topics for future discussion, and also at the future work and development of the Network. It attracted representatives from over 50 organisations

Future developments, including information, networking, exchange and support of organisations promoting Religion and Belief dialogue and combating discrimination across Europe, will be of course be partly dependent on funding, which is being actively sought during 2012, for a project during 2013-14.