The overall project aim is to take action on priority topics for 2014-15 anti-discrimination work identified by religion and belief (R&B) organisations/members at ENORB Assemblée Générale 2014, and was designed in collaboration with ENAR, the European Network Against Racism.

Project 1 covers the right to wear religious dress and symbols in the public space;

Project 1 – Religious Symbols and Dress

  • Strategic Aims

The project began with a seminar organised by ENORB in partnership with ENAR. It draws on the paper given by ENAR’s policy officer, and other contributions from members of a small working group of European organisations, primarily from religious minorities.  This project aims:

  • To promote equalities and take action against discrimination and hate crime, specifically in relation to wearing religious symbols and dress
  • To explore and develop awareness of the human right to manifest one’s religion in public
  • To support local action on the basis of an agreed position on shared values and human rights
  • Deliverables

Key Activities:

  • A European Seminar on Religious Symbols, Dress, Headwear etc in Employment and in the public Space and, to be organised jointly with participation from R&B organisations
  • A report setting out a position statement, prepared in discussion with partner organisations from minority religions and designed for use by local organisations and networks seeking to campaign for these human rights at European and member state level
  • At least 2 Meetings/Seminars in member states. Events will be organised on the topic of Religious Symbols and Dress, or on a related topic which is of special interest in a member state.
  1. Organisation and Funding

The project is funded by the Open Society Foundation, and will take place in Brussels and other European locations.

  • European SeminarsThe European seminar will be organised by ENORB in collaboration with ENAR and other partners, specifically with R&B minority organisations. The seminar will bring together participants from ENORB and ENAR member organisations, equality bodies and EU/European institutions
  • Seminars in Member States A minimum of €250 will be available for each member state seminar – to support local organisations which will undertake planning and organisation, with input from ENORB.