Conflict resolution and Religion/Beliefs ENORB Seminar

Peace Building in an Age of Anger

12TH MARCH 2019, BRUSSELS (venue TBC)
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The European Network on Religion and Belief  is planning a study day on religion/belief and conflict resolution. In recent years, several peace processes have demonstrated a need to inclusively engage religious leaders and faith based actors with an important focus on the inclusion of all people, not at least minorities and communities at the local level, in official negotiations to reach political settlement to conflict.

Religion is a reality in our societies which cannot and may not be neglected. They (can) play a complementary social and political role. Religious actors have their responsibility as well and have a role to play prior to an armed conflict, during the hostilities and in post war realities of rebuilding and reconciliation.

This is particularly the case for conflicts in which religious dynamics have co-shaped and driven the course of conflict and contributed towards its imperviousness to resolution. In such conflicts, religious actors and communities often feel that they have interests at stake in political negotiations related to the peace process, and, if excluded, may subsequently disrupt and spoil official negotiations.

As such, ENORB will convene a study day of academics and practitioners with deep experience in inclusive peace processes through which to share lessons and experiences on inclusive religious actor engagement in peace processes.[1] The study day aims to inform future peace negotiations to encourage more thoughtful, effective engagement of religious leaders and faith based actors.

This study day will include facilitated conversations on the roles of religious actors in formal and informal peace processes, with an emphasis on the vital input of local communities and religious/ethnic minorities.

[1] See Track 1 and Track 2  in multi – track diplomacy –