3 Feb – European Faith & Belief Communities – Tackling Covid-19 and the Infodemic

Communities across Europe have shown remarkable solidarity with others, working with each other across faith and belief boundaries, bringing out the best in faith and belief communities. Their contributions and responses to the pandemic have been truly remarkable.

Churches, mosques, synagogues and temples have offered themselves up as vaccination centres, for emergency soup kitchens and foodbanks; but now with the pandemic into its third year we are organising a collaborative webinar with partners, which will explore and share the many positive contributions so far made; and examine how best now to overcome the associated Covid-19 ‘infodemic’ Europe now faces – with misinformation, anti-vax conspiracy theories, ‘otherising’ and increasing evidence of social polarisation.

Experiences so far in the crisis will be shared by ENORB current and new member organisations (so far invited to participate) including the Catholic Church in the European Union (COMECE), European Network Against Racism, Faiths Forum London, United Religions Initiative, Religions for Peace Italia, Roma Networks and Humanist organisations.

Belief and faith leaders have been invited to speak. Faiths Forum for London Director, Mustafa Field will be sharing their recent work around overcoming vaccine hesitancy. Giulia Dessi, project manager at the Media Diversity Institute, will present the findings from the ‘Get The Trolls Out!’ report ‘Antisemitism and anti-vax discourse in Europe’.

ENORB board members Heidi Rautioumaa, Yvan Dheur and Maryana Hnyp have shaped plans for the webinar; and will be facilitating the webinar alongside ENORB’s Director.

The webinar will also examine the recent report from the Radicalisation Awareness Network – ‘Spotlight on Conspiracy Narratives & Disinformation’.

This webinar is programmed as part of the World Interfaith Harmony Week (February 1- 7) 2022, and as the first of three ENORB webinars during the Spring. Including webinars to be held on March 15 examining Islamophobia across Europe, and also further webinars focusing on heightened racial and religious hatreds in general (Date TBA) and on World Humanist Day 21 June.


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We are glad to inform you that the General Assembly will take place online on June 14 from 13:00 to 17:00 CEST.
The agenda is still under work but these are the main topic which will be discussed at the GA.
– The activity report of 2020
– The strategic plan for 2021-2024
– Membership market where members will have the opportunity to share their experience of 2020,  with on focus on Covid impacts

The election of three members of the board, including the president. If you want to apply for board membership, please let us know using the registration form.

We hope to see you there!

UNITED SIKHS – Pandemic Support for India’s COVID-19 Second Wave

India is witnessing a huge surge in the second wave of Covid-19. With over 3,00,000 fresh Covid cases daily, India has suffered 2,01,187 deaths till now. The second wave is hitting India extremely hard with the citizens losing their lives from COVID pandemic and others who cannot access basic medical care in hospitals.

India’s Current Situation

The Covid-19 crisis in India has resulted in a critical oxygen shortage impacting the Covid-19 infected population severely. The patients are struggling for medicines, oxygen cylinders, beds, and ventilators in hospitals leading to non-stop cremations. And, some of the largest cemeteries of India are running out of space for burial.

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NEWS FROM OUR MEMBERS – Pax Christi International

Advancing Nonviolence and Just Peace in the Church and the World, Pax Christi international publication

“Advancing Nonviolence and Just Peace in the Church and the World” is the culmination of a three-year global conversation among church leaders, community organizers, activists, social scientists, and theologians about how the Catholic Church might return to its Gospel nonviolence roots and transform the world.

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18th March People Summit Against Racism

One day before the EU Summit, a “People’s Summit” was co-hosted by ENAR and Equinox via Zoom and also released in live via Facebook. This meeting was organized in result of the Commission’s invitation of Moshe Kantor – President of the European Jewish Congress – to speak during the EU summit. However, Kantor recently created backlash because of a racist and anti-migrant speech thus ENAR and Equinox representatives thought to create a safer space. The aims of this meeting was therefore to talk about anti-discrimination anti-racism across Europe with civil society. This event gathered leaders of organization and ENORB director, Kahina RABAHI was invited as a panelist, along side with representatives such as Samir Mile – representing La voix des Rroms – or Rumeysa Dur-Kwieder – representing Dokustelle. Moreover, the famous activists Rokhaya Diallo did the opening speech of this event. People emphasized the importance of an intersectional approach in tackling racism in order to highlight the power dynamics within our communities in order not to let anyone behind.

The live is still available via this link.