ENORB was registered as the European Network on Religion and Belief in May 2012 ENORB as an ABSL (Association Sans But Lucratif).

Current membership is 45 full members and over 100 associate members. The ENORB Board consists of ten members, a Verificateur des Comptes, and, from 2018, a directorand administrative officertwo contracted staff members.

ENORB’s governing body is the General Assembly, which meets once a year, and to which the Board submits an Annual Report, Annual Accounts, and suggested priority policies and a Work Programme for the following year.

These are discussed by the General Assembly, which all members may attend, though only full members may vote. Board membership is also decided by the General Assembly. Candidates must be from member associations, and can serve for three years once elected, after which they may step down or offer themselves as candidates for re-election, along with other candidates. All candidates must be proposed and seconded by ENORB members.


ENORB functions – As ‘a participative, democratic, multilateral, inter-convictional, professionally-run network of members and partner organisations’.