Kahina is based at our head office in Brussels and is contactable at kahina@enorb.eu . She comes to us from ENAR, where she has been working as a policy officer, including responsibility for management of the Forgotten Women project, in which ENORB was a partner.

She also has previous experience working for the European Union’s External Action Service as a policy assistant at their office in Palestine, focusing on cooperation with EU member states.

Particular topics of concerns include anti-discrimination and fundamentals rights, religious freedom, security and policing of minorities and intersectionality, especially regarding women of colour. Kahina is a former student of SciencesPo Paris, from where she holds MSc in Economics and in International Security.


PART-TIME Office Manager

Teg has over twenty years’ working and volunteering experiences in the non-profit sector. In addition to her work experience, she is pursuing a professional doctorate in business administration. In 2017, Teg graduated with a Master in Social Sciences in Non-profit Management from the University of Hong Kong and also acquired a postgraduate degree in Strategic Management and Leadership from the UK.

Teg joins the ENORB team as an independent part-time Office Manager where she will support and provide core office management responsibilities. She can be contacted at Teg@enorb.eu


Full-Time policy and advocacy assistant Intern

Sarra is the policy and advocacy assistant intern of ENORB. She is a former student at Maastricht University from where she holds a BA in Arts and Culture. Areas of interest cover political advocacy and the nexus between discourse, policy and security. She collaborated with various local magazines, non-profit and anti-discrimination bodies throughout her academic career.

At ENORB, Sarra is in charge of monitoring the Get the Trolls Out! project and assists ENORB’s Director in her daily work – research, writing, advocacy, communication and planning. Sarra is based at our head office in Brussels and is contactable at sarra@enorb.eu.