18th March People Summit Against Racism

One day before the EU Summit, a “People’s Summit” was co-hosted by ENAR and Equinox via Zoom and also released in live via Facebook. This meeting was organized in result of the Commission’s invitation of Moshe Kantor – President of the European Jewish Congress – to speak during the EU summit. However, Kantor recently created backlash because of a racist and anti-migrant speech thus ENAR and Equinox representatives thought to create a safer space. The aims of this meeting was therefore to talk about anti-discrimination anti-racism across Europe with civil society. This event gathered leaders of organization and ENORB director, Kahina RABAHI was invited as a panelist, along side with representatives such as Samir Mile – representing La voix des Rroms – or Rumeysa Dur-Kwieder – representing Dokustelle. Moreover, the famous activists Rokhaya Diallo did the opening speech of this event. People emphasized the importance of an intersectional approach in tackling racism in order to highlight the power dynamics within our communities in order not to let anyone behind.

The live is still available via this link.